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Tracey Bottiglia Christian Speaker

Looking for a public speaker who can connect to your audience, share the word of God, and help your group to experience God in a new and powerful way?

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"Tracey is a dynamic and compassionate Christian woman who tells her story of how God uses her to further His Kingdom in spite of her physical health issues."- Karen
"Tracey speaks in truth and love, but does so with honesty and integrity. Should you be fortunate enough to book with Tracey, you WILL be blessed beyond measure."- Linda
"I loved hearing Tracey's story and how God worked in her life. It gave me hope and a better understanding of who God is."- Sophia


As a Christian speaker, I have been through the trials of life, and I have learned how the love of God and trusting in Jesus can change everything. My passion is to help individuals and organizations discover the power of faith and how it can transform their lives and their work. Let me inspire and guide you to reach your full potential.



I am passionate about sharing my message of hope and inspiration with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether it's a keynote speech, a workshop, or a retreat, I will tailor my message to meet your specific needs and goals. Let's work together to create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

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 Tracey Bottiglia


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